Current Time On The Rock

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"St. Johns' Harbor Sky"

On August 19th, 2006
\Sunset from Suignal Hill

"The Peace River"

Fort St. John, BC.

"Sunset Middle Cove"

Coming back from the beach one night.

"Brotherinlaw and I"

Coming into Petty Harbour After a three hour paddle.

"The Scademia"

She was coming as we were going. Just after an excellent paddle at Petty Harbour.


"Looking towards Petty Harbour".

"In a trough"

Me playing. Petty Harbour, NFLD.

Monday, August 21, 2006

"Old Cape Spear Light"

The tour inside this light was very interesting.

"Pouch Cove"

It was as loud as it was spectacular.

The Cape and The Fort Lights"

These lights are beautiful.

"Brandy and Riley"

First time I saw them so still outside.

"Piloting Fort Amherst"

Had a fun paddle in St. John's harbour.

"Dory in Brigus"

As i paddled by this, it looked like the dory had a load of rocks.

"Hunting Caplin"

I was weathered in

I was weathered in at this little cove just at the entrance to Brigus harbour on the side of the light. The winds were howling, it was the first time that I actually felt the wind blow me right across the water regardless that my rudder was down. I literally could not paddle but I was close to the cliff side and held on to the ledge with my boat leaned into the cliff and the waves washing under for about thirty minutes. I got a lull and then paddled into this little cove. I had something to eat and was watching these birds maneuver in flight in the howling wind to feed on the caplin at shores edge. This one was getting ready to dive. It's wings and body were so tensioned by the winds.

"Fort Amherst"

Ther is a bit of rock in NFLD, but beacons to guide you.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


The drift-wood on these rocks looked like they were camouflaging to the rocks they were caught on.

"Salt Cod Shadows"

Drying on "flakes" this salted cod was casting shadows on a very good drying day at Silver Fox Island. Indian Bay.

"Mussel Colony"

A colony of mussels on Silver Fox Island, Indian Bay, NL.

"Indian Bay"

Silver Fox Island, Indian Bay.

"Brandy & Riley"

This was a shared moment at Cape Freels. The beach was awesome. There is an awesome trail as well.

"Whale Back"

A whale back , NL, Petty Harbour.

"Whale Of A Tail"

All I got of this guy was his tail. Petty Harbour, NFLD. A Humpback I believe.