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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Mushrooms Under Bell"

I visited the mine on Bell Island, NFLD. You actually get to go down under and see where they have excavated years ago. It is a huge iron ore mine with lots of rooms (excavated areas). I saw what I thought were hooks on this underground post but they turned out to be mushrooms.

"A Vigil"

Looking alone, looking out to sea. This is a rugged coast.

"Clouds & Waves"

I like the blues in this shot. The pic was taken in Canso, NS.


Can you find the Pigeon?

"Bowring Park"


Downtown St. John's


Midlle Cove, NFLD had very rough waters on this day.


Housing Down Town St. John's

"Early Morn"

Taylor, BC


Charlie Lake, BC