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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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This blog is a little bit about kayaking and a little bit about photographs and perhaps a lot about the marriage of the two. After all a picture is truely worth a thousand words. Pictures are a way for me to express best what I am incapable of sometimes doing on my own. When I see the picture the words fly, they are like a cue card for my lifes' experiences. There is always a better picture to view and a better story perhaps to be told. The challenge for me is to try and get it. Sometimes I wish people could see things the way I see them thru a viewfinder and other times I am glad that they do not. A picture to truely be appreciated should probably not mean the same thing to everyone, I don't like taking pictures like that. Pictures will follow soon. Just gettin' goin'.

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Mic said...

I like you comments on kayaking. Although not as avid I{m sure, I have been kayaking since I was 3 and have a Klepper and a St. Lawrence.

I hope your blog is another excellent release for you and you get to share some of your pics. Take care.