Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Sea Weed Shoreline, Dildo Run, New World Island Newfoundland"

I love paddling at Low Tide. A lot of the shoreline is exposed and if you are as curious as I am then you like to explore what is revealed once the tides have subsided. It is also a chance to meander around rocks visible and submerged  and practice those nifty little turns that get you in and out of certain spots on a dime.......or not! I don't like the sound of rock on fiberglass but I'm over that now for the most part. I'm more on the other side of that thinking now. Soon got to get mine in for nick, lots of nicks repair.

The other thing I like about low tide is the smell. A low pressure tends to release all those odors hidden in amongst all that shoreline glitter.  But wait now, you gotta be careful, like all things, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Though I visited many of the communities along the Twillingate, Fogo and New World Island coastlines on this trip, I noticed, many still have raw sewage pumping directly into their waters and in sheltered areas there is no escape. Tidal action can only do so much when the tidal differences are small. Storms help move the literal and figurative "sh&%" along but they too are limited in their action of renewal and recycling on sheltered areas like coves. Areas surrounded by many islands where fetches are small and even wind waves can't flush things out so to speak. Still I love low tide.

Sometimes when I'm out I like to see how well the GPS marking line up with the actual navigational aids on the water. Sometimes I'm amazed how close like this one, and other times they are not even on the GPS. 

Other times I just have questions like, "can I salvage a pot that has been sitting on a rock for what looks like eons?' without fear of the fisheries dudes roughing me up? " MAybe it is best to just leave them there at anyrate and let them decay naturally into the surrounding beauty like they were perhaps supposed to do anyway. Why would I want one? Well that is simple. Because!

Once again I am Canadian. Proud to be and ever so happy to be able to share it with others. If you never have been to Canada you will always be astounded by our beauty from coast to coast. I am always amazed when I go some where new how much land and water there is around us. I hope we keep it as clean as we can for all to share and respect all the creatures big and small we share it with and to that end, I hope you paddle hard and paddle safe.

Monday, June 25, 2012

"Dildo Run Provincial Park, New World Island Newfoundland"

 Thought I heard something outside my tent.

Took a trip two weekends ago to Twillingate and Fogo Island areas of Newfoundland for a photo shoot. Took my kayak but it really was not a kayak trip sadly enough because there is lots of excellent kayaking in the area. I did manage to get out one day. It was more of a soul searching trip for me and time needed for self. I guess I just need that sometimes.

 The only iceberg left in the area when I was there and this was at the causeway of Twillingate and New World Islands.

 On my one outing I did have a remarkable encounter with a couple of Osprey and their home. They were about 50 meters away and made me feel very much like prey as I figure I was agitating them with my presence.

I did something I would never usually do and that was find a rock full of seaweed about 5 feet in length which was exposed because of low tide. I got out of my kayak and laid down watching the birds and took out my good camera gear and started shooting off this little roost. One slippery move and $6000.00 worth of camera gear in the dunk. Though I couldn't resist on this outing I probably won't do it again. No wind, no waves no one around at 9am in the morning. It was after all wonderful for the soul.

My launching site in the park with my camp just behind the brush in front of the canoe. Sipping a coffee here reflecting.

A look at my camp with dry suit hanging on the tarp. I haven't kayaked in a while and not done so solo for even longer than not kayaking. It certainly was inspiring to get back at it. The guys are going to Ireland's Eye on a July1 st camping trip and man what a great group it would be to go with. My partner wants me to go to a wedding and then there is our grieving dog. Decisions, decisions. My profile in kayaking has been virtually nonexistent as of late as I have been preoccupied with other issues but I am sure longing to be posting again soon.

If you visit my blog thanks for doing so and look froward to some new material as my summer evolves.