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Monday, February 13, 2012

“Cape Broyle Icicles"

It was hard not to be awed by the frozen water we saw along the way.

Some appearing as teeth daggers ready to pierce you should you draw too near to its  mouth.

Some just frozen from cascading falls as the river water plummets to the ocean surface. This river I believe is the Horsechops River which is always an entertaining stop when paddling the Cape Broyle route. In the summer months it is neat to allow some of that fresh water to cool you off, probably not needed at this point.

When you kayak, you become acutely aware of your environment as it is kind of intuitive really. Looking a head of you , beside you, behind you for others following sort of thing or even up as you catch that glimpse of an eagle soaring overhead. Well on todays outing you had to look up more earnestly when approaching some caves because there were stalactites of ice at the entrances and throughout that could readily impale you. Gerard is doing just that, taking a look at one before entering the cave. Look at the size of that thing compared to him and his boat.

So all along this journey there was frozen run off from cliffs above spectacular and captivating in their own right I guess.

So nature yet once again humbles me.

Well obviously we staged this shot to get some size perspective, not likely to see kayaks crisscrossed under frozen waterfalls by some naturally occurring event, and we were having a bit of fun. Laughing at the composition but getting a good cool, fresh water rinsing of our boats at the same time. Kind of like a “Paddle in Kayak Wash”.

And Nature continued to humble…………...


Tony said...

Stan, your header photo is awesome.

Tony :-P

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Tony there was some pretty spectacular displays.

Miamaria said...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

gnarlydog has left a new comment on your post "“Cape Broyle Icicles"":

Stan, again and again you exceed yourself with your stunning images. There is no other kayak related images on the net (or elsewhere) that even come close to yours. While your locale where you paddle does lend itself to above average scenic shots, it is your talent and composition that delivers these outstanding results. It is one thing to occasionally produce a "sunset" pretty shot (others) but you capture photographs that have such a dynamic sense and feel.
Your opening image is out of this world!

HAd to post this under my name because some how I messed up in publishing the kind and too generous comments from Gnarlydog. You think I’d have computers figured out by now. Thanks Damiano. It sure is great having inspirational paddlers,like yourself, with similar passions and way too many skills to mention to draw from.


Maurizio Cristaldi said...

paesaggi mozzafiato!