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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

“Doing Different"

Sometimes it is hard to break old habits or to even go as far as thinking out of the box, kayaking or otherwise. For instance. How often do you shoot in landscape mode on the water? Always? Sometimes? Never? or 50/50 maybe. For a long time when I started taking pictures I never really thought about it but in retrospect I think I did more landscape mode than portrait. Portraits are the vertical ones like directly below. These can sometimes give you nice shots of the landscape but are not in that so called “landscape mode”. Good for people hence portrait mode and also good for magazines if you ever wanted one of your pictures published on the cover of something. Might want to keep that in mind next landscape you see.

I really like this shot minus the blemish in the upper 1/3rd left. I smoothed it a lot but I think I liked the colours most and the symmetry of the boat and water not to mention the frozen water coming out of the ground.

Now then i really got to thinking about being in my kayak and out of it, in a box and out of it, thinking in and out of the box! Playing with programs that allowed me to take a perfectly normal gull shot and morph it into something rather abstract, just for the halibut.

Then I tried some whale shots from a trip Tony and I did in Bull Arm some time ago. Kind of messes with your eyes somewhat.

Being completely out of the box now and when I showed these shots to others I was asked, what was I smoking? This and the next shot were of A Humpback whale’s tail snapped while it was slithering under my kayak. The actual shots are on my blog somewhere and are green with yellowish bands of light captured being filtered through the water under my boat.

Just doing something different and having fun and well you just never know, it might catch on for me. I have put a few of these images to fine art print and have framed some for my own collection. It is interesting to see people try to figure what they are looking at. 

This one is truly on of my favs as I like the contrast of white, red, and black. Perspective is a wild and varied thing as it can be especially varied in a kayak, from that of our walking one, on land. Never know….. Portrait might just be your favourite Landscape after all.


hadas said...

i love how the wale picture came out.very special

Will Herman said...

All photography is art anyway, whether you consider yourself a purist or not...but the subject here is rather broader than Landscape or Portrait! Nice images.

Silbs said...

This is really awesome work. I sometimes go through a faze where I use a square format.