Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, December 15, 2011

“Beaches and Such"

Well it has been a while since I posted and since I kayaked. I do get to beaches however if for nothing else to photograph them. I would never hit a beach without strolling or combing it somewhat as well. I didn’t land on this one in my boat but drove here last Saturday evening hunkering for a photo op.

We do paddle by this beach sometimes when we put-in at St. Philips, which is easterly to the right. I hope to get out with the guys again soon as they do make their sojourn it seems weekly somewhere even if it is the pool. I kind of taken to being somewhat of a shutterbug on land because I am experimenting with some new techniques, new to me that is.

Bored as heck one Saturday night and thought I’d try for that crown created by a droplet you know the one I mean. You see it perhaps for only a fraction of a second when a drop of liquid breaks the surface tension of another liquid. Little things that go on in sort of another world that only last for fractions of seconds and of course if no one records them they are missed.

Not much a-do about kayaking but it is water, the medium we interact with as kayakers. Sometimes we can freeze the action when we are out there and damn aren’t those the neatest shots when we look on’em. Like water on a duck’s back.

Kind-a too like reflections on the water that can be lost to cloud cover, shade, wind waves or just obliviousness.

Whatever the reason we don’t see or take the time to experience those little things might just make the big picture not that visible after all either. Paddle hard and safe and remember to stop and smell the Rhino poop!