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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

St. Philips, even if I didn’t get my boat wet.

I’ve been nursing a cold lately but knew the boys were heading for a quick jaunt at St. Philips on Saturday. I was out and about taking photos so decided to head out and see if the guys were within range. If I was feeling a bit better I would have been there so this was a bit of a tease. Especially since I had’t been out in a while.

Des relaxing in the calm shelter of the shoreline before heading back out, to the rough of it, in St. Philips.

Tony and Des bobbing in the wind waves with Bell Island in the background.

Feeling a bit too warm for conditions Dean just cooled off a bit.

Tony seeking a bit of the shelter of the rocky outcrop. Always fun paddling out around this and then beating it back in on the waves. The SW winds give some decent waves occasionally to do this. Today they were gusting 25-30 knots I think.

“Loose Lips Sink Ships", they use to say during the World Wars, my mother told me growing up. In other words keep your mouth shut so you don’t give the whereabouts of allied vessels to anyone, especially anyone you didn’t know. My mother use to fill buckets with sand in Halifax as A kid during the WW11 to help put out fires should they be air raided. She use to speak of the sirens going off and blackouts during preparation for them, some nights.

The vessel in the upper left is a navy vessel with personnel practising diving drills I think. Should be OK to say that now ………I hope!  Des is just waiting for a wave or perhaps just being serenaded by the lull of the waves undulating. 

 Dean back to dry dock after washing off in the freshwater stream under the bridge in St. Philips.

Missing time on the water but good to see the guys out there taking advantage of the conditions. Maybe next time. Off to those landlubbers in Toronto today.


gnarlydog said...

Stan, I was wondering what was going on in your 'hood since you have not posted for a while.
Good to see you back in action, even if just behind the lens

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey Gnarly should be back in the drivers seat soon. ; )

All the best


Silbs said...

That virus is all over the place.
I like the powerful black and white image you have at the top. Good stuff.