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Monday, November 07, 2011

“Keeping It Going"

Well since I enjoyed the paddle so much yesterday I figured I’d post a few more shots. Wasn’t able to get good shots of everyone yesterday as I was concentrating more on paddling than shooting. I was tailing a few people but water on the lens in these conditions is inevitable and leads to ruined shots.

Chasing down Gary

Sometimes one character becomes more easily photographed on the waters than others and this seems to happen whenever I am out and on this day it was Sean. Perhaps these guys are just more forgiving and less evasive.  I think that someone taking pictures of you all the time when you are just trying to have some fun and peaceful enjoyment can perhaps be a nuisance at times. I try to avoid this though.  ; )

Sean here was practising some braces in the waves.

Wanted to keep this photo of Hazen on the blog now that it is out of the header.

Tony also practising some bracing in the conditions. A great day on the water with a good bunch of guys and our ritual coffee afterwards at the seaside diner makes for a complete outing.


Sean Dawe said...

I hope you're not saying that I'm just another pretty face??


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yup! Not a bad kayak builder either!! ; )