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Saturday, November 12, 2011

“Lest We Forget"

Dawn’s Early Light

For my son Lieutenant Matthew Mac Kenzie, his comrades, for all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. One day, there will be peace for all.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

“Beating A Dead Cat” and “What It’s Really All About"

A figure of speech of course but I’m posting more shots.

We had river boater as well last Sunday though I did not know him or have a chance to meet him he was boofing in the waves like the rest of us.

Oh yeah, have you met Sean Yet?

Well I know I pick on everyone with photos but this one was neat because you actually did have to be careful on the water because some people did literally disappear in a trough and if you or they were not aware of their presence you could, well, “bump into them”….

Clyde always likes dancing with waves so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see much of him on the water. So many waves I don’t know how he coped with which one to attack first.  : )

Doing your thing, what it’s really all about on the water anyway.

Monday, November 07, 2011

“Keeping It Going"

Well since I enjoyed the paddle so much yesterday I figured I’d post a few more shots. Wasn’t able to get good shots of everyone yesterday as I was concentrating more on paddling than shooting. I was tailing a few people but water on the lens in these conditions is inevitable and leads to ruined shots.

Chasing down Gary

Sometimes one character becomes more easily photographed on the waters than others and this seems to happen whenever I am out and on this day it was Sean. Perhaps these guys are just more forgiving and less evasive.  I think that someone taking pictures of you all the time when you are just trying to have some fun and peaceful enjoyment can perhaps be a nuisance at times. I try to avoid this though.  ; )

Sean here was practising some braces in the waves.

Wanted to keep this photo of Hazen on the blog now that it is out of the header.

Tony also practising some bracing in the conditions. A great day on the water with a good bunch of guys and our ritual coffee afterwards at the seaside diner makes for a complete outing.

“St. Philips and I Actually Paddled This Time"

St. Philips again this Sunday under similar circumstances and sea conditions as last week. I was back in the boat after battling a cold for an eternity and 9 of us gathered for some wind wave paddling in the remnants of an autumn sun.

Sean playing around before heading out into the Conception Bay.

Part of the thrill is catching the odd wave to surf in the conditions. The waves are quite irregular in that once you catch one you get hit by another from a different angle which wrecks the wave you were on. Sometimes though, like Tony here, you can catch a good ride and savour the momentum and be propelled along like a rocket.

The boys dipping in and out of troughs.

I liked this shot because Sean looks like he got that evil grin going as if to ram Tony when in reality they are quite a ways apart. I was on shore when I took this using a 200 mm with a 2X teleconverter focused on Sean which leaves Tony in the foreground out of focus in the shot, but most definitely focused on his advance.

“Planting The Stern Rudder"

Des firm on the advance.

Although I had posted another picture of Des in my header last week I wanted to post this one as well from the same outing. Just love the curves of that Nordkapp.

Des from last week as well.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

St. Philips, even if I didn’t get my boat wet.

I’ve been nursing a cold lately but knew the boys were heading for a quick jaunt at St. Philips on Saturday. I was out and about taking photos so decided to head out and see if the guys were within range. If I was feeling a bit better I would have been there so this was a bit of a tease. Especially since I had’t been out in a while.

Des relaxing in the calm shelter of the shoreline before heading back out, to the rough of it, in St. Philips.

Tony and Des bobbing in the wind waves with Bell Island in the background.

Feeling a bit too warm for conditions Dean just cooled off a bit.

Tony seeking a bit of the shelter of the rocky outcrop. Always fun paddling out around this and then beating it back in on the waves. The SW winds give some decent waves occasionally to do this. Today they were gusting 25-30 knots I think.

“Loose Lips Sink Ships", they use to say during the World Wars, my mother told me growing up. In other words keep your mouth shut so you don’t give the whereabouts of allied vessels to anyone, especially anyone you didn’t know. My mother use to fill buckets with sand in Halifax as A kid during the WW11 to help put out fires should they be air raided. She use to speak of the sirens going off and blackouts during preparation for them, some nights.

The vessel in the upper left is a navy vessel with personnel practising diving drills I think. Should be OK to say that now ………I hope!  Des is just waiting for a wave or perhaps just being serenaded by the lull of the waves undulating. 

 Dean back to dry dock after washing off in the freshwater stream under the bridge in St. Philips.

Missing time on the water but good to see the guys out there taking advantage of the conditions. Maybe next time. Off to those landlubbers in Toronto today.