Current Time On The Rock

Friday, September 16, 2011

“It Is What It Is"

I’m thinking that it simply can be just that, ‘a kayak in the woods on a shoreline’, but if you are a kayaker or perhaps even an outdoors enthusiast, you know it can be much more than that.

It’s one of those things that always happen in life when we try to just accept everything for just what it is, just the surface stuff. If you scratch at all, how deep will you go? I guess I’ve always been a surface scratcher more like a defacer. Curious and always believing that there has to be something more inside and for the most part not being that disappointed overall. It can be what it is, a boat by the water, but I’m willing to bet when you go down there and put that boat in the water and smell spruce trees hugging the shoreline and edge that craft into the small current coming from upstream and start to rock a bit as you put your spray skirt on, your senses are going to begin to get fired up as you engage muscles and promote blood flow. All of a sudden as you are leaving this scene you see a big ocean beyond and possibilities, challenges, maybe opportunities with a fading day and a setting sun turning crimson and imprinting a deep, rich color of orange and red you didn’t always realize in nature but today you are there.

The water is ever so cool to the touch as it runs down your paddle shaft and you wipe your brow and taste the salt and just before you reach forward to plant your first stroke, tensing and yearning for that forward momentum and hot knife thru butter feeling that allows you to slide so effortlessly on the surface tension of the water you fleetingly think, ‘maybe it’s a bit more than what it was, eh?’


Thursday, September 15, 2011

“A Moonlight Paddle…No Moon"

Wow! It’s been three months and my pictures are crappy but I’m on the water. Took a break from kayaking I guess you’d say. Still remember how to do it though. Especially good to see all my kayaking friends.

Moonlight paddling with or without a moon, I’m game tonight.

I arrived a bit early wanted to work out some kinks.

Practised taking some shots on myself to see if I still had some semblance of balance. Better subject would have helped. 

People began to arrive and I think we ended up with eight or nine sets of eyes.

THe sky was amazing as the sun began it’s decline and my little point and shot I believe is on it’s last legs. THe water was relatively calm, the winds were low, the night was settling in and soon it was off to Topsail Beach for a 6-7km paddle. Glowsticks on our boats we headed off. 

Dean escaping into the sunset and horizon. I’m rushing these posts as I am getting ready for work, anxious to put finally some new blog content out there.

Gerard and Derrick captured in the stillness of night, well almost still. It was neat paddling along the coast and coming up on bonfires sporadically littered along shore. The revellers must have thought it kind of cool as well seeing these glow sticks dancing just above the water as we approached their line of sight weaving and mingling as we glided past.

Thanks guys and great to see you all again.