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Saturday, May 28, 2011

“Socializing At Symposium"

Sitting back kicking up the feet and settling in for a sociable. Hmmmm that sure sounded good to me. Some rented cabins and some rented houses all in the name of camaraderie, sharing company and expenses, and being available for good eating and good drinking, oh yes, courses in the mornin'. 

Thanks to the bys’ for the swill!!

Dennis and Neville laying down a scawf. If you are going to be by the ocean you might as well eat ocean style.

The crustaceans were not safe in this cove at Glovertown. 

I’m enjoying a beverage with  Hazen and Seanwith Dean realxing in the background. You have to make time for visiting and sorting out the days fun when you attend one of these things. Though the weather was less than stellar the moods were festive.

Oh yeah just kicking back…...

Hey Karen, thanks for puttin’ up with us.

No movement here. Practising the hand flick.

The bottle was half full!

Maligiaq  amongst the gang learning some Newfoundland drinking skills. Very enjoyable company and reams of laugher and fun. 

Better take this while I still have the use of my hands. Heh.heh.  Great company guys and thanks for the mammaries, hic, I mean memories!

Someone wake me in the mornin’!!! I got to blend some strokes and rock hop.


Sean Dawe said...

Ah yes, the "other" reason we go on those weekend trips!!

Having a few drinks in the G-Man's (aka Gerard) cabin while you played Oh Canada on the spoons was worth the entire cost of the weekend!! The sessions with Maligiaq were just gravy!!

And a good time was had by all!!!


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Heh, Heh, that was fun indeed. Gerard certainly was a good host for many.