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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Outside Cripple Cove

I’m starting this trip post in the middle. WE did about a 20km paddle, depending on who’s GPS you reference, on Saturday from Bauline Newfoundland to Pouch Cove Newfoundland. It was a mix of one or two sun breaks, with mostly RDF, what we like to call here in Newfoundland rain, drizzle, fog.

These images were outside Cripple Cove just before rounding the cape at Cape St. Francis. There is obviously some shoaling here and this area is normally much more chaotic and turbulent as you would expect any shoal to be especially at a cape. Saturday had calm winds with little swell but still enough water activity to make this little spot an entertainment piece in itself. We pattered around here for about 30 mins or so and headed into Cripple Cove which is rarely accessible because it sits below the cliffs of the cape but was allowing entrance today.

Inside Cripple Cove looks quite innocuous so we glided around its perimeter savouring the rarity of these moments of invasion knowing very well that the rocks and shoals guarding the entrances and exits are volatile at most times and unforgiving sentinels.

Sean taking in the scenery at Cape St. Francis. I believe there is a light here but it was not on at this point although the fog was so thick it felt you were paddling in the dark at times. Right here the fog horn was quite intense and I felt rushed to move on to find relief from its decibels that were amplified more than muffled by the otherwise baffling fog.

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