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Thursday, May 05, 2011

“Homeward Bound"

With the rewards of a stellar time spent on the water with good friends it is time to head home to our take out in Pouch Cove. Just around the bend really from Biscayne Cove.

Gerard passing a rock island in Biscayne Cove.

Gerard in a droplet warp.

A small inlet that allowed for a small break and mini exploration.

This is actually in the backyard of someone up on the cliff there.

There are a couple of slipways in Pouch Cove and they both are fairly steep. Lucky to have a slipway at all really. When the waters are rough and the winds from the east, gaining access to them can be tricky because of the crashing waves. Today was quite uneventful ands though we did not choose this slipway it is a very scenic one on nice days. I was here last weekend taking pictures on shore.

Our proper slipway in site it is time to prepare for docking as we line up to wait in queue. 

As with most launches and landings there is always help available if needed. This was a real slippery slipway. Hence the name I guess. lol

Having unloaded our boats and returned in body and not yet spirit, we have boats loaded and memories etched for recall for the satiated drive home regardless of the still clinging fog.

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