Current Time On The Rock

Monday, May 30, 2011

“Different Strokes For Different Blokes"

Learning to link paddling strokes is just an efficient way to get from point A to point B and all points in between by utilizing less energy than it would take if you did not employ strokes that can be combined efficiently with one another. The whole purpose being to try and maintain course with minimal drag from  improper stroke deployment thus  minimizing maneuvers and strokes that will slow your forward progress.

This is Dave performing a shoulder brace turn with one hand I think or at least one shoulder but looks like two. Dave was our instructor for Blending Strokes at the Atlantic Symposium. There was no shortage of energy or enthusiasm.

Attentive to instructor  examples of stroke blending. We did some routine stuff with low and high braces, sweep strokes and such with combinations thrown in of course. Practising the edging is always fun to challenge yourself not to capsize. 

Trying hard to maintain my attention to the course I deviated constantly to take shots. I was practising sweeping stabilizing braces with low brace and high brace recoveries.

Did I mentioned that the sun had reared its’ brilliant face for most of the rest of the day and it was so tempting to dart away into the sun on a paddle down the coast.

Others were more captive than myself and showed good progress throughout.

The wind help simulate conditions and add to a bit of degree of difficulty.

The odd time paddlers from other courses happening in tandem would travel by like Sue here eager to mosey on with her group. 

Passing through.

Sealevel? Yup! 

Tempting distant headlands and paddlers blending strokes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

“Havin' A Time”; “Get Me To The Water"

Well survived all the previous evening hospitality got up early for a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and bagels I had brought from the Georgetown Bakery in ST. John’s. If you haven’t tried them you really must. At anyrate it was time to unload and that can be an adventure in itself when kayaking with so many people and so much gear.

 Like ants invading on a picnic we arrived at our put-in and the activity escalated like crazy.

Sean and I were just a bit earlier and so if I wasn’t taken this shot I could have helped him down with his boat.

I think this was called Sandy Cove or Sandy Beach and I have absolutely no reason why?

Jim Price and Julie Bettny doing the smart thing and helping each other down to the water. There was a flight of stairs to navigate amongst all the participants vying for the same entrance to the beach.

Brian Duffet making good headway for the water. 

Some were going out and some were coming in.

So close yet so far away…….

In Newfoundland it is easy to paddle near white picked fences. You just know you are never too far away from the warmth and hospitality of the area.

Whale bone entrance exuding the whale of a time to be had.

Still making our way. There were lots to get to the beach head.

Grassy knolls and weathered logs along the trail to the beach just seemed as fitting as helmets for rock hopping. Oh that is later this afternoon.

Finishing touches to gear.

Who is that masked crusader????? 

HAzen where’s your boat man??

Sharing stories.

Hey Dave. Dave was our instructor for today. Lookin’ ‘cool’ !

Well almost ready for the water. MAn I’m getting dry!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

“Socializing At Symposium"

Sitting back kicking up the feet and settling in for a sociable. Hmmmm that sure sounded good to me. Some rented cabins and some rented houses all in the name of camaraderie, sharing company and expenses, and being available for good eating and good drinking, oh yes, courses in the mornin'. 

Thanks to the bys’ for the swill!!

Dennis and Neville laying down a scawf. If you are going to be by the ocean you might as well eat ocean style.

The crustaceans were not safe in this cove at Glovertown. 

I’m enjoying a beverage with  Hazen and Seanwith Dean realxing in the background. You have to make time for visiting and sorting out the days fun when you attend one of these things. Though the weather was less than stellar the moods were festive.

Oh yeah just kicking back…...

Hey Karen, thanks for puttin’ up with us.

No movement here. Practising the hand flick.

The bottle was half full!

Maligiaq  amongst the gang learning some Newfoundland drinking skills. Very enjoyable company and reams of laugher and fun. 

Better take this while I still have the use of my hands. Heh.heh.  Great company guys and thanks for the mammaries, hic, I mean memories!

Someone wake me in the mornin’!!! I got to blend some strokes and rock hop.