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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


That is just a marker in time…’Yesteryear’! Nothing definitive or too descriptive but more a reference than anything else.  Just a spot you don’t necessarily have to assign too much metadata to. A good memory marker however.

I remember this photo from the NL 2008 kayaking retreat because Alison and I thought about going over to that berg and breaking off from the group. Ohh we were bad! We use to have huge discussions at our board meeting about people breaking off from organized paddles. I was notorious for this. My adventurist side always got the best of me and it was great paddling with Alison because I always had a partner in crime. There are probably more cons than pros when you do this and I don’t even want to discuss the merits of it here but I was more reminiscing about paddling near bergs, which we will not get to do again this year.....maybe I hear there is one in Bonavista a patient told me today.. 

This is Alison again as we haven’t seen her white kayak in some time now but hoping she will have some presence on the water this year as we bob along our coast. You got to like looking back at file footage. It always inspires me to get back on the water. It is still cool here in NL but all our snow is gone and we are looking so forward to our Kayaking Symposium in May and the good times to be had with it.

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Peter said...

White water kayaking is cool and fun for everyone! Thanks for sharing!