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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

“Where Are The Bergs?"

I’m not sure!

I’ve been checking our Iceberg finder  and can’t seem to pick any up. It may be early but usually there is some indication by now as to how they may be lining up for their trek down iceberg alley. In the distance we are looking at some berg bits. Remnants and break-aways from a much bigger berg. Paddling near the Dungeon Sea Cave in the apply named park a few years back in the month of May. We are approaching May and our Symposium and no bergs. Not that we need bergs to have a May or a Symposium but it wouldn’t hurt. Maligiaq Padilla will be a guest this year so maybe the bergs will follow him from Greenland. A lot to ask for I know but they are so beautiful when they do decide to come to our waters.

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