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Friday, April 15, 2011

“Catching The Wave"

A bit of a different header image but he was looking so tired and kind-a-neat to pass up.

Last year we did very little surfing or at least I did very little surfing.  I fear we missed a lot of good waves. There is never a shortage here in Newfoundland. I think this year I’ll be able to convince a few of the gang, I’d dare say all of the gang, to embark on a couple surf sessions. Always fun, they are to me, and I always seem to learn something new.

So as I start to think and prepare, I’d like to imagine the wave for me.

Now there are many, many that know a hell of a lot more about waves than me, I’m thinking of our Malcolm here from our club, but I figure if we’re  going to play in waves we best do it safely.

One cannot underestimate the ferocity, the power and the energy a wave is all to willing to impart. We also know that when anything imparts energy on something else there is usually damage unless it is harnessed in some way.

Hmmmmm….I wonder where and when or exactly what our waves will be like. Well that new helmut might come in handy. If you need one, The Outfitters on Water Street has a 'Sweet' line down there.


Sean Dawe said...

Stan: As much as I'd love to surf, I think the big issue here (NL) is the fact that our waves are often wind-driven and not the nice rolling ones we see most people in other places surfing! Also, our beaches tend to be rocky - if there is a beach at all - and not nice places to be driven up onto!! Case in point - your pictures show waves breaking upon what, I'm thinking is Cape Spear . Not where I'd want to be surfing!! Let's face it, our waters can be pretty nasty!! Fun, but nasty, as well!!


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I have to agree with you Sean. These waves were meant for perhaps over emphasizing what I was imagining and not perhaps to be taken so literal. I disagee with the wave surfing part though and have surfed in very nice waves at Chance Cove and I believe New Melbourne has some interesting ones up there as well. I have also surfed on waves at Lance Cove and Gull Cove. You are absolutely right the waves are crashing at Cape Spear nice place to photograph waves and get some cool shots. My thing with surfing is if you don’t want to scratch your boat don’t surf, there are waves in ponds. lol

Lee said...

New Melbourne out my way has some excellent surfing waves. Icant wait to try em out!