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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

“It’s About Favourites Today"

One of my favourite pictures I ever took was the above picture of Tony on the slipway at Bauline  Newfoundland in his boat just preparing and adjusting gear before we set off. It was just one of those isolated transcendent moments when all things seemed aligned. I’m not feeling much of that way today.

This is one of my favourites I never took. It is a shot of me paddling in the Tickle of Conception Bay with Bell Island to the left and Portugal Cove to the right. This is my best profile by the way. I asked Gerard to take this shot one day and with a bit of cropping his work was art to me. A couple of cool shots, a couple of cool guys, on a couple of different days, in a couple of nice boats doing what has become a mainstay I think in both our lives and that of our friends. 

So as spring nears and my schedule seems to be getting busy I am looking forward to getting on the water with friends………. Whenever that may be. The whales are on their way here now, the birds are gearing up I’m sure for their flight to our ecological reserves around the island and there is that hint of seasonal change. Hopefully some overnighters this year and more of them to try and stretch those longer days even longer.


Tony said...

Sorry to read that you don't feel the stars are lining up for you at this moment. Take heart, they will. Sometimes stuff goes in cycles and its memories of times we spend in our boats, cruising by icebergs and interacting with whales that sustain us.

Those 2 pictures are certainly 2 great shots of 2 handsome guys in fantastic looking boats. *lol*

Its going to be another great paddling summer and I'm looking forward to it with anticipation.

Tony :-)

Silbs said...

Good stuff.

Clyde said...

Nice pics. They both leave one with an anticipation for what excitement the day's paddle will bring.