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Thursday, March 17, 2011

“Isn’t It True Though…..?"

Isn’t it true that when you are doing something you enjoy the passage of time feels as though it wasn’t even there in the first place save for the markers of time passage like day to night, sunrise to sunset, small belly to big belly for some, big muscles to small muscles for others or wrinkles!

So isn’t it true that we associate wrinkles with aging and thus by association or perhaps even still because of, the passage of time. Isn’t it also true that we as kayakers treat our boats sometimes like a second skin. You really have to feel it, to get the most out of it, that is for sure. It is kept reasonably clean by all the exposure to waters.  It is fairly easy to accessorize. God knows we like to do that to her.

But sometimes just like our own skin, our boat “skin” gets the equivalent of “wrinkles”. They come in the form of stress fractures, dings, nicks, scrapes, bumps, rubs, slaps, chafes and well just about anything else. Even the color may start to fade a bit as the “boat skin" takes on its older more mature pallor. Like other skins it comes in all colors and I tend to like all colors equally well, well most. Robin Egg Blue is not one of my favourites but it is the color most easily seen from the air when looking down on the water. That is a fact. 

So whatever color your boat skin may be it sure looks good on the water to me. I really am not to concerned about the number or presence of wrinkles in your boat skin or mine for that matter nor the passage of time. Somethings just are and will just always be. But you gotta like that feeling of realization when you discover geez! I’ve been on the water for 5 hours, where does the time go? Absorbed in good times and fun with friends I guess, better to be on the water then, than anywhere else. 

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