Current Time On The Rock

Monday, March 14, 2011

“Having A Time"

I love being on the water. It seems some force just takes right over as soon as I get into my boat. I really don’t want to get out. It just feels good knowing I got all my gear safely stowed and could be self sufficient if need be. It makes me want to roam. Getting there sometimes is difficult. I may be tired and not motivated, planning something else, weather could be real crappy(a blizzard/ storm as I type), or I just too involved in taking photos on land.

When I do get to the waters edge I am always delighted that I made the trek. Good company makes it that much better of course. Being involved in the pre-paddle work up through email exchanges and AMEC weather forecasts posts from members of our club and friends certainly helps with getting your butt out there.

Catching up on all the news since the last meeting, well, is all part of the fare. Even taking pictures of people taking pictures is a blast. Most of us have blogs and paddle on the same trips typically so it is pure fun to check in on how the other guys saw the paddle and review their take of the trip.

Coming into Camel Beach I believe for a mug up. Not sandy by no means here. The Avalon is mostly rock and when you paddle the coast you will be accustomed to this.

I’ve started bringing my other camera. It is certainly better than the Olympus one i use on the water and those shots are starting to degrade as the many immersions in the dunk are taking their ware on the quality. The only problem with my Nikon is that I have to be out of my boat. I certainly won’t use it on the water in any condition but I may get one I can..and a waterproof case. I am becoming more interested in getting the on water image of kayak out there to everyone or anyone willing to look at photos or maybe video. Quality is an issue with me. I want more of it.

Clyde playing on the waves. I actually have some real cool ones of Clyde and some of the guys but the were sent of for possible publishing. If not they’ll end up here. They all, always do!

Clyde just loves that stuff. Me too. I had a most excellent time this paddle. It was full of energy and fun rather than just straight line destination traverses. Not that many of our traverses are ever straight. All of our guys like to explore. There are at least 5-8 Christopher Columbus’s whenever we are out there. We love it.

Of course paddling this time of the year allows for a shoreline display of frozen water falls that very few get to see, especially close up. Some are neat but all are unique in their surroundings and contrast starkly with the deadfall of the land,  the shore rocks and cliffs that the frozen monoliths cling to.

One thing I always forget to take with me is a dry cloth to clean of the lens while on the water. A lot of these shots reveal streaks etc. I lost a lot of good ones to these instances. Thanks Gary for being patient. The smudges on the lens were less than desirable which made for some less than stellar cropping. lol What a day though.


Lee said...

Stan I picked up this aquapac camera bag for my wifes Rebel T2I. Works great.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Lee. I checked the site and my D700 is one that it will not fit. My interest is peaked so I’ll have to check for others. Thanks for the link and stoppin’ by the blog.


Tony said...

Stan, I've gotten fog and water drops on the lens of my camera and recently I've discovered that if I dip the open lens into the water it clears the lens. Seems to work for me, you could give it a test run sometime.

Tony :_)