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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well you can call it walking on frozen water, I guess, but no matter how you cut it, snowshoeing is a blast.

I may be like some but I don't like myself in pictures. Just the way it is! For all the good weather we had up to the end of January we've more than made up for it with recent storms and snow falls. I figure if I can't paddle in it right now I might as well walk on it. LAst weekend I was on call so I decided to do a bit of snowshoeing with some photo shooting. Went to Seal Cove where this shot is taken, on to the Holyrood Golf Course and then up to Butterpot Park for some fading light snowshoeing and some quick jaunts in between if I saw something to snap a pic of.

I was lugging quite a bit of gear to see how I would hold up in the deep stuff and faired far better than I would have thought. You can see part of my trail to the left as I hiked around this stream that rolls down from a hilltop. I drove to the top and crawled under a water conduit and stomped my way to the bottom and back up. Got my heart rate going!! 

Maybe kayaking this weekend with Tony and the bye's.

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Tony said...

Stan, a few years back I skied from the highway along the X-C trails in Butterpot to the trail head to Butterpot Mountain. There I donned snowshoes and walked to the top of the mountain. Its a scenic trip.

Hopefully we can paddle this weekend.

Tony :-)