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Monday, February 21, 2011

"Portugal Cove Newfoundlland"

Saturday saw six of us head for a paddle to some falls about an hours paddle past Portugal cove. The winds were fair about 10-15knots, the skies were overcast but there was lots of swell in some unexpected places at that. 

We were all in our spaces as it seems to be when paddling and I was tagging a bit behind because I was taking pictures and hadn’t been on the water in about a month and a half. So I got to watch other bob around and observe their boats under conditions. Here I was watching Clyde go in and out of troughs but also that big wave forming and coming just to the left of him. It looks like nothing in this shot but it was a big one. Clyde veered left with time to spare and we watched that wave pass by. Could have ridden it I guess but wasn’t sure about when it would break and with waters like this, it was play it safe.

Approaching Portugal Cove we are awed by the snow covered hills and look upon the community from the rise and falling of our boats wondering what many are doing just this second.

Because of the storm surges that have been happening in the area there was lots of floatsam accompanying us on our travel. Not really a hazard to us but it was everywhere. Dean looks on as I snap this shot.

On the outskirts of the cove.

It wasn’t snowing or just a bit and it didn’t look like this when it was. I just added this effect to see what the result would be. Neat! If you click on the image you can see it too!

This time of year there is lots of frozen run offs exiting the hills that line the coast along this stretch of Conception Bay on the southeast side.

Having reached our objective, this huge stream that runs down near/at Big Freshwater Cove and then      we decided to head back and enjoy the swell that would coast us back towards Portugal Cove once again.

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gnarlydog said...

Stan, I continue to be amazed at the conditions you guys paddle in.
Spectacular scenery though.
For contrast, currently my worry is how to stay cool while paddling and rolling in the sea seems the only option.