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Thursday, February 03, 2011

"It's Up In The Air...ahh?? In The Water?"

Every year since I've been in Newfoundland I wonder when and if the Icebergs will flow to St. John's area. I look forward to that with great expectation every season as the bergs flow down Iceberg Alley.

This one was from a few seasons ago. It was grounded in  Blackhead Cove region of St. John's. It was a beautiful site and even more so with light shining on and around it. I paddled out to this one but it was connecting two pillars, huge pillars I might add under water and didn't look too stable. Of course you know I thought what if you could shoot through the center of the thing. It was a fleeting thought. This one stuck around for some time so eveyone got to enjoy it's presence. Last year none made it to St. John's so some years are hit and miss and up in the air I guess. I would have thought with the big chunks breaking off the Greenland Glaciers, there would be more flowing with global warming and all?? The Labrador current and the Gulf Stream from the south have their influence as well. Two years ago the Coast Guard was tracking 948 big bergs and maybe this year we can top that. Even if we don't I'd settle for one or two.

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