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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Rolling Along"

I had a couple sessions at the pool lately. I've been trying some rolls that are new to me. Focusing on some Greenland style ones with mixed success. It has been enjoyable though.

Of course if you are practising rolling you tend to spend as much time under water as you do above. Just thought I'd say hello from under water at the Aquarena in ST. John's. I took a bunch of video and the underwater component looks great however in the above water component there is always a water droplet in the centre of the frame. So when I do edit some of my rolls for the site you'll have to excuse the H2O drops. I had the camera on deck in the bow and it was out of reach for wiping the droplet off. Some of the rolls I was trying needed the sticky pod camera attachment almost a paddle length away.


Tony said...

Stan, I'm sure the video will help in ironing out any bugs in the new rolls.

You're right too about being upside down as much as upright. At the pool I'm all business and its amazing how fast 90 minutes goes by.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yeah I hear you Tony. Also you are right about how 90 minutes zooms by so quickly.