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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Rafting Up"

Now I can't say enough about this little informality on the water. Now sure it is nice being out there in our own space and finding our individual zen on the water and well hey it can probably even be found in groups. However, "rafting-up" while sometimes essential during trips to make sure everyone is on the same boat so to speak, (or not) is also essential in other ways. Certainly as a stabilizing platform should you need one in times of trouble (boat repair, first aid administration, rescues to name a few) or just simply bad weather like a squall you may have to link together to ride out. 

But there is no better or probably no less enjoyable reason other than to stretch the legs, relax and shoot the s&%t. Sit back, recline, read a mag, have a drink check out the scenery and just simply be in the zen of "rafting up"!

Now Gerard here is introducing a more lounging pose, looking comfortable, relaxed and most certainly engaging while sharing his enthusiasm for being nothing other than on the water in a kayak. Ya gotta like that. I do. Not bad for January 1st, 2011 in St. John's Newfoundland at the exit to The Gut at Quidi Vidi. 


gnarlydog said...

Stan, I am with you on rafting up.
On real long crossing or when we can't land because the shore is too steep/rough we eat lunch on the water.
As long as the sea is not too rough I don't mind bumping kayaks together but one of my friends hates rafting up. He thinks is dangerous and damages boats.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I can see his point but my boat gets a lot of abuse as I hate to limit my kayaking experience because of a scratch. That's just me though as I know we all like to take care of our boats as much as possible. I've repaired mine a couple times now so the aesthetics are not as strong as when it was a novelty.

Mackayak said...

Oooh I don't like rafting up (anti-social control freak?) Prefer to be on the edge of the raft so I can break off easily....