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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Lookin' Back"

It is sometimes well worth your while to look back. For instance, when you first set out on a journey be it  a short or long coast known to be foggy, do you find it most useful to get a compass bearing to where you will be returning to? That can make the difference between a safe return and a more hectic return if lost in the fog. Sometimes in the thrill of setting off we can forget that simple little task. But if you're seasoned you probably wouldn't?

Looking back to see if you are still within your paddling group is very useful. Sometimes we wonder off or are lost in our thoughts on the water. People paddle on oblivious to distances covered. Are you within reach of someone who may need a rescue, is your VHF turned on, do you have one, are you on the same channel? If not, you should look back. Maybe a knowledge of paddle signals would be useful. Did you know they exist? Are they the same everywhere?  Sea Kayaking Paddle Signals

I also like looking back to get a different perspective for a photo. This can be tricky in conditions but you just might get "that shot". Be safe first. You best look ahead before you look back in this circumstance because something like a juicy wave could be coming at you head on.

I also like looking back at old pictures taken like this one of Tony at St. Philips. I figure I can always, always improve my photos and learn something to maybe improve upon or do differently next time. So what does this photo tell me? 1. I just love being on the water paddling, especially the ever changing ocean and 2. 'sometimes looking back to see if you are looking back at me', ain't a bad thing, especially if you are on the water with other people even if trying to get a decent shot in the fading light of day and especially if you haven't looked for members of your group for awhile.