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Monday, January 03, 2011

"January 1st, St. John's Newfoundland"

Quidi Vidi village is a quaint spot in the heart of downtown St. John's. Every year it is host to our New Year's Day paddle. A tradition started by a prominent local paddler Jim Price. I believe Jim has made it to most if not all these new year beginnings and so it continues today. The Union Jack flying in this shot is testament to some of the local history.

The narrow entrance/exit between the rock in the upper part of the picture is what locals call The Gut. It is the point of entry to or exit from St. John's Bay. Today it is docile but many days it is not. Sometimes icebergs even get locked inside here and people fish for cod of the shores during the food fishery.

Bob readying his gear.

There is always an adventure to be had when you paddle with Alex. Alex is our past club Pres. and he and his wife put on one nice spread after the paddle today. Moose stew and chili with homemade buns and cheese platter with of course a shot of rum or glass of wine if you were so inclined. Thanks Alex.

Graig is our current club Pres. and he is surveying some of the 18-20 people that showed up for the record breaking participation. Worth a spot on the local station for sure.

Pete had his river boat out for today's paddle and was busy moving in and out of The Gut.

Marie and Colleen enjoying the splendid day. Nice weather small breeze that picked up towards the end but an excellent day for being on the water.

I'm not sure if Marie was taking a picture of me taking a picture of her or if she was eyeing that baby seal on the rocks that I was totally oblivious to.

Gary heading for the Gut

Mike Kay in his Perception heading for the open waters of St. John's Bay.

Pete coming in from St.John's Bay is dwarfed by the cliffs that surround Quidi Vidi.

Gerard in a borrowed Greenlander. I think Gerard's boat may have a few holes. Playing in the rocks again Buddy?

Pete and Dean heading in to Quidi Vidi harbour. All in all a great day. Will post more shots from my on water camera later.

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Silbs said...

I am envious and amazed by the lack of ice there. Why aren't you frozen in the way we are?