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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well when I"m out there learning rolls I'd love to say I always have total success. Sometimes I do. Other times, like learning the hand roll.....not so good. I try to teach myself which may be a source of error right from the get go. So here I am at a second attempt to do a hand roll and my paddle gets away on me. For those of you who've never swam to a paddle to roll up here it is. I'm not sure how far a person could actually swim while sideways in their kayak. Maybe someone should put themselves in the Guinness Book of Records. It certainly won't be me. lol

Part of learning something new, especially when you have it on digital, is to learn from your mistakes. I approach new rolls as being a source of fun and therefore have very little pressure to succeed immediately. Now I am a creature of challenges so I will have to get it eventually, but I will have fun with it in the mean time. Rest assured when I get the hand roll. You'll be seeing that too. lol And all the misses in the process! So without out a little bit of "failure" there would not be a little bit of success and after all, it is that initial failure, that will allow you to perform that successful roll when you need it. 

Roll On!


michael said...

Way to go Stan - it looks very close to a KW hand roll. Double pump and all. It may be just a matter of timing - when you find the sweet spot you will be flying.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yeah Michael could be. Rolls are so mental to me. Wrapping my mind around the execution and all. I have to get that visual and I find goggles in the pool are simply bonus for seeing your motions properly. Look out Tuesday pool session! lol

Cate said...

Yah for in-boat swimming! I found it to be an invaluable skill when I was learning a hand roll. My whitewater boating friends think I am nuts (they are probably right) and call me a crab when I swim in my boat. Better swimming in your boat than out of it though. Best wishes with your hand roll.