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Sunday, December 05, 2010

St. Phillips To Portugal Cove

It's just a short jaunt and one we made many times but it is always fun just to hang with the guys on the water. Tony, Dean, Clyde, Brian,Sean and I made the paddle. Turned out to have very flat waters with no wind not a bad Dec.4th paddle at all.

Railing the shore and the rocks. The shoreline along this small section of coast is kind of rugged and the rock gardens provide entertainment for most seastates. Today even with no wind or swell to speak of there was still wave action around the rocks. Clyde found some.

In the distance along this stretch of  coastline you can see Piccos Ridge, Big Hill, Franks Hill and others on the horizon that pass by Bauline and on to Cape St. Francis. Here we are just out of St. Phillips.

Tony  working through some sea froth. Good to be padling with you again buddy.

The other thing I like about this stretch of coast are some narrow passages that have to be carefuly navigated depending on conditions.

Dean sinking and sneaking in behind an awash rock, covering and exposing at the ocean's whim.

Brian making way with the pack seeking distant headlands.

With none of the predicted winds of ESE gusting to 50km we made good time. Starting out was over cast some light mist but all soon cleared and visibility remained fine. We were just leisurely paddlers. In the distance is the Portugal Cove Ferry that traverses the Tickle from Portugal Cove to Bell Island seemingly many times a day. The distant headlands were to remain shrouded in fog and low lying clouds as the weather changed but was held off until after we got back in.

We also had the opportunity to paddle by big homes. Man this one is some size when viewing from the water.   ; )


Tony said...

Same here Stan, hopefully you'll get into a more regular rhythm of kayaking in the months ahead.

Tony :-)

Sean Dawe said...

A grand day on the water. And another grand time later that night at the KNL social!! A good day all 'round.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Great day indeed fellas. There'll be more I'm sure.