Current Time On The Rock

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Just Do It"

Finally on the water and finally a kayaking blog entry.

It was a blustery day in St. Philips. A late put-in at about 1:30pm and gusting 50km winds made for some mini wave action and a bit of surfing. Brian and I caught this odor with an accompanying huge brown spot on the water and decided to investigate. ???????

A bunch of bows and I have to say that my camera is on its way out as the quality of pictures seems to diminish eveytime I use it. Too many dunks in the sea water  guess.

Brin and I took a bit of respite from some wind. We were paddling hard most of the time against the wind hoping to catch "the wave" for a decent surf back. You can do this in St. Pilips when the wind is SW. You paddle like the dickens out round a small headland then surf back. Why not? It's Saturday!

After so many times out and back everyone needed a bit of a break.

Some of the gang paddling into the waves and a brisk SW head wind. Great to be back on the water with a good bunch of people. Thanks Tony, Dean, Gary, Clyde, Brian,Tobias and Sean for another good one at St. Philly.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Beautiful Autumn"

Autumn Art

On A trail not far from home. Smetimes out of focus ain't so bad,

Greater Yellowlegs Sandpiper and Northern Pintail sahring the waters. We as kayakers are use to that.

Greater Yellowlegs Sandpiper for a water stroll.

Standing in the ripples. I went for a walk with the dogs yesterday after work as the sun was going down. It produced some fun shots considering they were a pain in the as% to have around while attempting any shot. Note to dogs on photo shoots. It was their walk though so I wasn't too concerned with quality, just wanted to catch some fall.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"At The End Of The Day"

Well I guess we have all heard it  and some probably used it........"at the end of the day.."

At the literal end of the day there was this sunset at Topsail Beach. It wasn't yesterday as it rained most of the day. As Autumn seeps by and winter slowly creeps in the light changes, the air changes and things seem to be a richer and deeper color to me. Autumn has always been one of my favourite times of year for amidst all that decay and preparation for another seasonal slumber comes some of the most beautiful colors on the earth and in the sky. Walks and hikes become more common than paddles it seems and even the birds at the feeder are reducing their number. Saw a northern Flicker the other day but he wasn't around long. The screech of the BlueJays can sometimes still carry across the early morn but even they seem to have moved on. So really, at the end of the day, what more can one ask for? Health is good, family is safe, everyone seems to have an air of humility and closeness sort of a recognition of vulnerability and a desire to move on. So be it.

The beautiful BlueJay.

A-Last...down to earth! A-last... the end of the day!

Monday, October 04, 2010

"Keeping Things In Sight"

When paddling it is not a bad idea at all to know where you just came from, where you've been paddling and where you are going to. All in compass info of course.

Outside Aquafort HArbour a week ago. Was thinking on changing conditions and how they can affect the mood of a paddle. When we set out it was flat calm, outside we got some lop with drizzle and dark skies and paddled back under blue skies, sunshine and calm waters again. Kind of makes the paddle a bit more interesting just from the weather side of things.

These are the skies changing from the lingering dark clouds to the bare and pleasant blues as the white tails off. Gary here enjoying a bit of that moment during transition.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Saturday Morning"

A Saturday morning walk downtown always an adventure.

The HMCS St. John's is at dock on the harbour front. Some of a crew did a run for the Children's Wish Foundation. I stumbled on the tail end as  the guys were just heading to the finish line which was made up of their sailing friends.

Waiting on the returning runners.

I continue my fascination with boats of all kinds. The HMCS St. John's reminded me of a shark.

A walk by the Yellow Belly Brewery was enticing for a brief suds but I settled for the shot instead. Too early really.

This shop always intrigues me with their display as they are always colorful and unique. It is a soap shop and everything in here is soapy. Even Madonna has been know to order soaps from here.

A street performer with an early start to his day enjoying the Saturday morning sunshine as I was.