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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Aquafort Back At Ya"

Sometimes paddles are exhilirating and you need to recant or decant a little more. A bit more from Sunday.

Paddling out of Aquafort Harbour was like a scene out of Sea Kayaker or Ocean Paddler magazine. It made you want to be there. I was lucky to be!

I love paddling with people who thoroughly enjoy it. I think all in our group fit that mold. Clyde here sure does as he feels a little current leaving the launch site.

Gary passes by the fishing boats at dock. I never tire of seeing them. They complete the imagery of what a coast means to me.

The other thing I like about the coastline are the docks, the shacks, the sheds and the walkways. Sometimes they just look so unfinished but no matter how they look they all fit in and add so much to the feel of a paddle along our shorelines. They are so acceptable. Bit of paint here, a dab there. You have to love it.

A Dory. I really don't need to say anything more!

We love our boats, kayakers do. I like including mine in scenery shots sometimes just so people can get a glimpse of what is possible by such a simple craft.

Oh yes, some in our crowd like Nordkapps. It doesn't matter to us if you don't own one but ya gotta like the looks of 'em.

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The Baffin Paddler said...

So sweet. I'll have to visit sometime. You are so lucky.