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Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Running Of The Royal St. John's Regatta"

Quidi Vidi Lake in the heart of downtown St. John's was once again host to the oldest running sporting competition in North America. The earliest verifiable Regatta was in St. John's harbour in 1818. The tradition of this event is cultured and thick and it entices some 50,000 souls to come and watch and participate in the festivities of the day.

There was of course the now familiar wind socks of sorts.

There were scullers and ducks alike looking for lanes and the right of way on the Pond.

There was also fish ponds on land for those "Ex" large catches for the kids.

There was the odd oopsy-daisey!

Many boothes representing various communities and groups were hosting games of chance for prizes like this wooden ring toss. Just as I got there a young chap to the total amusement of the crowd got the ring on the center post containing the fifty dollar Canadians bill. Believe me it barely fits.

It was obvious that this type of paddling/rowing involved great efforts in team work and skill.

There were prizes of stuffed animals able to be won in all sorts of ways: the hammer and bell strength thingy, darts, and the list goes on. There was ethnic food and lots of burgers, fish & chips , hot dogs etc. Also a beer tent for those seeking shelter from the hoarding crowds.

On your mark, get set............

There were lots of dogs strangely enough but not many red eyed ones.

A treat on the way there was this Ural looking pretty new. In fact it is as a company in Russia now makes them I believe. They are a nice looking ride with the sidecar and multiple compartments for storage.
This was my first outing at the regatta and I have been here for five years now. The weather was very nice with sun and low winds until the last race. Go figure.  There appeared to good attendance and everyone looked to be having a great day on this local holiday in St. John's. The litter there was unbelievable. As I type this I am watching the local news and the clean-up is such that you can't even tell they had an event there. Leave no trace holds credence here! Right on.


Paula said...

Your pictures are excellent, Mister! (I just followed a link on Newfoundland Facebook page.)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey PAula you might want to check out where my phot site is.