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Friday, July 09, 2010

To Red Island

While in Burgeo on June 27th before our trip we decided much to the suggestion of our host Dorim to paddle to Red Island in a pretty much easterly direction. The winds were favorable about 15kn and some swell. We ended up putting in about 26km that day and we were enthralled by the scenery of that area. A few old communities used to inhabit the area and when you paddle in amongst the sheltered coves you can understand why. Having a nice sunny day doesn't hurt either.

Setting out Ralph and Tony etch the water trail to follow on our way to Red Island. Green Hill Island can be seen in the background.

Leaving the cove of the Bed and Breakfast.

Ralph organising gear while looking to some Burgeo islands in the west.

In the far distance is Salmon Net Head which was our essential destination to round and also is the first entrance to Doctor's Harbour and Red Island. We had to cross Bay de Loup round Bay de Loup point and Western Point part of the Northwest Arm.

Nearing the Northwest Arm.

Ralph in the mix of things.

Entering the Northeast Arm. Heading for a pee break and Red Island inside the Arm.

A bit of a break on the scenic Red Island. This whole area is captivating and I took far to many shots to post.

Satiated with food and eye candy we head back fot Burgeo basking in the sun still and the calmness of the Arm.

Heading up the Northwest side of the arm we make our way amongst the hills that drop into the sea with their carpets of green grass and contrasting solid stone.

It at times was loppy but more from the swell. The wind did pick up a bit on the way back but it was refreshing to be on the water readying for our trip.

Tony spotted this bit of a short cut we missed on the way up. There was a minuscule portage over this sand bank and we were on our way again looking for the Green Marker Buoy.

Finding our target, not that we needed this marker on this fine day, we swept by on our way to our takeout at Burgeo Haven.

Of course once on land it was grubbing up,this time we bought food at Food land and hunkered down in this nice dock and ate and reminisced in the setting sun.


Kayaking in Scotland said...

A fantastic posting.I just love the colour and tone of the pictures.
Best wishes from the old country.

David A

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks David. All the best in your own adventues on the water.


kayakr said...

Hi Stan!

Nice cloud formations and colour! And you seem to have had a nice trip aswell! :)


Michael said...

Enjoyed this post Stan as I did almost the exact same paddle back in 2006, excluding the 'shortcut'. It was a bit too wild for me that day on account of the swell running with waves smacking into each other from both sides. Nice to see it in calmer conditions!