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Monday, June 28, 2010

"Off to Grand Bruit"

I'm lying here in a very quaint B&B in Burgeo trying to get some sleep before we catch our ferry tomorrow for Grand Bruit then on to Rose Blanch. We filed our float plan with the RCMP today. We also gave one to Coast Gaurd in Port Aux Basque. We are also lucky to have a local fisheries person that will come to out aid anywhere along our route. We all have VHF's and two cell phones. Just going over everything as I contemplate sleep. Yesterday we padled25 km to Red Island, simply beautiful there. Lots of swell in places two to three meters and we got on fine. Little wind. Today we paddled 15 km around the Islands of Burgeo and had lunch at the Sand banks park. Nice sandy beach. Of course taking lots of shots of area and of our paddles. I have my real camera with me on this trip so hopefully some nicer pics. I would recommend this B&B to any kayaker. What a sweet set up here. You'll see why when I we get back. To mjy son....I got your message Matthew. I'll be thinking of you.


Michael said...

Safe trip Stan! I'm so jealous (but that might change if the fog lifts here in St Anthony's...)!

David said...

Have a safe trip!