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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Bar-B-Q Birds"

Children Of The Bar-B Q

Sure would like a worm!!! Says the guy with the wide opened mouth. The other little gal just looks enamoured with her brother.

Just tryin' to grow into my beak.

All squared up for warmth. Better shut the cover!

Well I know what you are thinkin'. What a cold hearted bast%$&! Not at all. Actually on our deck was my Bar-B-Q. It is old and weathered and we have been thinking on a new one. Well now we have no choice. A couple of European Starlings decided to take up residence there a few weeks ago. We knew they were up to something when we saw them coming and going with twigs and anything else they could enter through the holes on either end of the Bar B Q with. Well I decided to take a peek with camera in hand yesterday when Mom flew out for food. Yup there be birdy babes there. Kind a cute don't ya think. Reminds me of spring that we missed. :  ) But it looks like one of them is gonna have a sore neck. Or maybe he is just keeping that egg under there warm.

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2 Krazy Kayakers said...

That is awesome! Maybe spring couldn't visit this year but it left you a gift to remember it by.