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Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Alleluia, Alleluia!! Nordkapp Owners"

This is a paint can lid remover. It cost me $7.49, I think they saw me coming.

This is a Nordkapp hatch cover remover and re sealer. It simply is the cat's meow of a Nordkapp owner's gadgetry. Save your finger nails in the winter and all season long let me tell ya!

This thing works like a charm. The inventor is Will Forsberg. You all probably know about it and I am just finding out. You taper the end so as to have somewhat of a point to seal the hatch cover back on. I tried it today and it works like snot. Clyde turned us on to this a few weeks back. Same time I dinged my

Cut view after a bit of filing and sanding.

I posted yesterday about an untidy shed. That bothered Now it's tidy. I like tidy!

More space for more gadgetry perhaps.

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