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Monday, May 03, 2010


Everybody seems to have one of these from time to time or at the very least be in one. There are a bunch of definitions for zones. I like "a region or area set of as distinct from surrounding or adjoining parts". I liken this to the term "being in a zone" as in mentally isolated to a task or deep thought. As we returned from the North side of Bay Bulls after rounding Columbine Head in gnarly waves we were blown across the Bay to the south side pretty much and had an opportunity to feel the surf. I kind of figured Tony and Ralph were in their own zones I could tell.

After reading an article Saturday night in Ocean Paddler by Aled Williams, of Rockpool Kayak fame and many more I am sure, in his article titled 'A feel For The Boat Part 3", I decided to employ some of what he was trying to relate and man I really felt like I achieved something on this paddle. I liked specifically: Restrict your actions only to perform the minimum necessary actions and movement. This gives you time to listen to the boat and reduces unwanted 'noise'.

Also Quoted by Aled: Focus on each feedback zone in turn: feet, knees, seat and hands. Isolate the feedback zones while keeping a visual overview of your position. As I focused on these tasks in following seas I gained a better feel for my Nordkapp and began to isolate things I thought I could improve or tweak and I felt that I was 'mentally" in the zone, with my boat. After all she was one year old today and I thought it was time to make sure we are on the same keel and get to know her even better. This was made all the more satisfying in the morning sun. It was actually sunny today.

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