Current Time On The Rock

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Witless Bay"

Well we had overcast skies as we headed out this morning at about 10am. The day proved to be quite an adventure with play time, wave action, gnarly waters, lots of birds, lots of rock gardens and lots of surfing not to mention tons of bracing. A good exercise day.


Anonymous said...

Stan, I see you have a North Water deck bag. Which one and how do you like it?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey CBG, I got the deck bag a bunch of years back and I've used it on every outing since. For the last five years I guess. This one is a bit smaller I think than the newer one but I totally find it very functional. It is not water proof by no means, Sealline would help you there. But I stow flares, food, pliers, lip balm,etc. there, did I mention food? Good place for food. lol Also it is easy to get on and off. Just cinch buckles and strap with a zipper closer that has never failed me yet.
This one is low to the deck and I know the newer might be a bit higher on deck but there may be two types. I'm not sure on that. Hope this helps.