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Saturday, May 08, 2010

"Looking Trapped"

This sub The Corner Brook is docked downtown St. John's. It is causing quite a stir. When I looked at it this early morning it reminded me of a trapped sea animal. We've been hearing lots lately about trapped whales, beached whales, and other sea animals in despair as their habitats are reaped and decimated. The oil spill in the Gulf being a fine example. The sun was rising as I pretty much was too and after a week of a head cold it was good to get out in some early morning sunshine. Took some shots downtown of the sub and some out at Cape Spear trying out some filters. Can see some results at

My uncle was a submariner on the HMS Okanagan. He use to take me on it when I was a kid. I was fascinated. I was surprised also that the bunks were up with the torpedo's. I got to see them and the torpedo tubes. I remember it being kind of fun trying to get up and down the sail and checking out the periscope. What I think at the time I was most fascinated with was the pop machine that was directly in front of the landing immediately below tower in the sub, it dispensed beer for 25 cents. If I recall correctly those sailors had jingly pockets. lol True Story though!


paddlingOTAKU said...

The American Navy doesn't allow any alcohol. The Royal NAvy always was a bit more civilized.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I agree. Some of the waters they are in I would think that a teaspoon of "OH" might make the medicine go down a bit easier. lol

Andres KOCH said...

IMPRESIONANTE IMAGEN!!! Me encanta el tratamiento que le has dado en PS.
Saludos desde Argentina
Andrés Koch

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thank You.


Sean Dawe said...

Stan: I worked in the naval reserves for while in my younger years. I spent a number of weeks working on one of the old O-Boats while it was in drydock at HFX, Yes, the forward torpedo room was the biggest and roomiest spot in the whole boat and, yep, that's where a lot of the sailors slept! Do you remember all the bunks lining the passageways as well. As much as I'm fascinated by subs (old and new), I'd never be able to survive on one!!

Also, on the reserve boats, we paid a buck a beer and 25 cents for a shot of liquor. Not quite as cheap as in your uncle's day but certainly not too shabby!!

Thanks for rekindling a few memories,


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

No sweat Sean. I bet it would be confining in that space for long periods. I do remember the bunks lining the passageways. But now that I think of it I'm not sure I actually went down the tower or an opening before the tower. All fun though.


Silbs said...

Hell of an image up top. It scares the hell out of me as it brings up the clostraphobia of being in one of those cans