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Sunday, April 04, 2010

"Superior Paddles"

I am thoroughly enjoying my Greenland paddle from Superior Kayaks. I would have to say that I am hooked on the Greenland stick. I paddled 26kms on Friday and about 15km on Saturday in fairly gnarly waters of the Atlantic and felt very comfortable with it. Greg Stamer is coming to our retreat this year so I think a group of us will get him for lessons, from someone who truly knows a GP. Anyways I love the feel of the Superior paddle in my hands. The other thinG I like as well is that when I am in the process of taking a stroke I can put my ear to the stick and hear the current of the stroke. Just something I noticed. It is so light nad I feel that I can paddle with so much less effort but with similar or more speed when I sprint. Sweet all the way around. Just want to learn more on how to use it. An excellent product and the size is perfect, well for what I currently know, perfect. The stick is 90 inches and has a 22 inch loom. It is a two piece with the Lendal Lock system. Works well and no problems connecting or disconnecting and it is as solid as a rock and here on the Avalon Peninsula we know rock. lol


Anonymous said...

Your GP is carbon? I do love the look of that material. I have a wing and love it's carbon look (not to mention paddling with it). Good to see you back in the boat.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yes CBG the paddle is carbon and I have to agree with you with regards to the feel. It looks mighty fine too, some weaves thicker than others. Feels good to be back in the boat too. Thank you.