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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Greenland Paddle Making Cont'd"

I decided to use some Gorilla glue for the laminating of the cedar and spruce strips of the paddle. I wasn't sure how that would work as compared to epoxy and it sure looked messy.

But after a bit of elbow grease with a hand plane. I hear there are electric ones out now! It finished up pretty sweet.

Now the different laminates become cleanly visible. The paddle will be 90 inches when completed. The loom will be 22 inches and the blades will be 37 inches. The blade lengths were already adjusted for the three inch tips that will be added next.


Sean Dawe said...


When did you get around to adding the tips and doing some planing? Did you get together again on Sunday or do you stay late on Saturday?

It's all certainly coming together nicely!!


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Looking froward to finishing it though.