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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Course, Bearing, Heading"

Our course last Sunday was from Bauline to Cripple Cove at Cape St. Francis. We didn't quite hit our target because of conditions. The bearing was about close to due north 350 degrees the heading the same, no current and 15 to 20kt winds with gusts. The course, bearing and heading not all quite the same on this day. I was elusive as Tony pointed out to me later on, during this paddle. Sometimes I am. I get a better emotion for my environment then and kind of blend in and feel everything better. I was feeling the wet fog in my nostrils, the coolness of spray on my cheeks, the water beneath my hull, the tingle in my ears of ocean sounds, the warmth of my paddle, the ever slight chill in my bear hands that I like on the water, the familiarity of friends close by and if I were an eagle I would have been soaring,enjoying the currents of air and the vibrations of and resistance in friction. Oh I was, but mine was liquid, fluid and accompanying in every way. There was no where else!


Sean Dawe said...

It must've been that kind of day!! Dean and I paddled from St. Philips to just shy of Brock Falls that same morning.

We pretty much paddled in solitude with the occasional raft up for a quick chat.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Some paddles are just like that.