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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"A Closer Look"

As you come into Styles Cove from Faltrock side you are entranced by the falls. Seeing only part of them at this angle. The sun seems to always shine in this area. I guess we just pick our days right. It is a beautiful spot and one that allot do not get to enjoy. LAst year we washed off under these falls. Realising the dangers of falling rocks being rained down from above, we opted out this year. But it is an excellent stop for a food break and fairly sheltered from all but easterlies.

Isabelle is about to join Neil here who is checking out the landing site. I linger for just a little while capturing all I can with my senses, enjoying the raining down sun and sloshing in the gentle swell of the cove.

From the header picture, on this page of Styles Cove, if you look closely you can see a walkway going across the top portion of the falls. I didn't see this during the paddle but ocated on my shot when I got home and realised that the East Coast Trail goes past this beautiful location. That trail I walked part of last weekend on ly out to Shoe Cove. This point is beyond Shoe Cove from the trail access point in Pouch Cove. I will reiterate that the East Coast Trail is a beautiful trail to hike on the Avalon Peninsula. The neat part about that is that there are lots of possible day hikes especially if you shuttle.


Silbs said...

I wonder if only the photographers and artists might appreciate the great composition and lines in that photo. Leads the eye right into it. Nicely done.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thamks Silbs.

paddlingOTAKU said...

Love the new header photo. Excellent.


Silbs said...

I agree.