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Saturday, April 03, 2010

"B-Day Paddle To Bell Island"

Yesterday my B day fell on easter again. I liked that when I was a kid. I got a day off. Turns out those feelings haven't changed as I morphed (kind a) into adult hood, never thought my name could be used in the same sentence as adult. I'm digressing more like regressing these days....enough already!

Anyhow I hooked up with our regular crew and we had a great paddle from St. Philip's to Bell Island and around her backside. Please don't take that the wrong way. She is a nice Island. A great bunch of guys and a great day. Maybe it was "Great Friday". Who knows? We were on the water. I will post more but I'm out the door now paddling again today. This is Tony and Dean coming into Conception Bay.

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Stan Mac Kenzie said...

In Response to an earlier comment Cowboygirl, it is good to be back on the water. Just a matter of having time. Good so far this weekend. Hope the training is going well.