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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Superior and Greenland"

Greenland paddles are well much more than I could have thought. Got a Superior Greenland PAddle last week and tried it in the pool on Saturday and then at Cape Broyle on Sunday. I guess I am hooked you might say. Thoroughly enjoyed its' feel and the lightness of carbon fiber. I was using an Ikelos Werner carbon fiber paddle because I like the power it affords me, not necessarily the effort, but the power. With the Superior GP I may be a bit slow out of the shoot but certainly can maintain a powerful stroke with....ease. I really, really like that. The Nordkapp a Greenland modelled boat and now my GP, I do feel that they really fit together and I can only look forward to exploiting their union in the comng paddling days. For a two piece paddle it is rock solid. I still have much to learn for sure but I am so looking forward to it. Gordon Brown do you do instruction on Greenland Techniques? lol


gnarlydog said...

Stan, I used to paddle Werner myself (I had Ikelos, Cyprus and Athena) but now only the Cyprus is still around, but never used.
I keep it as a spare that goes on deck until I can get a two piece GP.
I now use an Aleut paddle (in Western red cedar) for cruising and surfing and a GP for rolling.
There is no looking back, for me.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I suspect that I may grow fond of the GP whethe ror not it will replace my Euro padle will remain to be seen.