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Saturday, March 06, 2010

"Common Guts"

Sometimes "Guts" are innocuous, that is, you can get through them without too much difficulty. A "gut" is a narrow passage or waterway. On the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula about 30 mins from St. John's Newfoundland you will find the Tors Cove "Gut" between mainland Tors Cove and Fox Island. In St. John's itself you will find Quidi Vidi "Gut" which exits the small community of Quidi Vidi to St. John's Bay. Two "Guts" and sometimes, 'no guts, no glory', for different reasons.

The Quidi Vidi Gut is a send off rendezvous for trips to Freshwater Bay, St. John's Harbour and The Cape Spear Light. It opens to the open ocean and the waters sometimes there are treacherous and not without some thrill getting in and out, even on seemingly calm days. This is where we also have our annual January 1st New Year's Day paddle. You can see a video of one of those on YouTube under XM64842. Tony in the bottom image is looking from the ocean into The Gut at Quidi Vidi.

The Gut in Tors Cove is there if you want to go through it. Unlike Quidi Vidi you do not have to go through it to get to open ocean. Tors' Gut is variable depending on tide levels and ocean conditions of course. More exposed and jagged rocks during ebb tides. The waves that can flow through here in various conditions can make for some fun kayak surfing. Can also make for some interesting rescues. I lost a digital camera to the salt here. Pete is looking in from the ocean throught The Gut at Tors Cove in the Top Image.Tors Cove can also be a launch site to Ship Island, Pee Pee Island, Great Island and points beyond but it is always fun on a return paddle or trip to play in The Gut at Tors Cove. Also a nice spot when the Icebergs are Floating down Ice Berg Alley.

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