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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Modern Cape Spear Light"

Still using the Dioptric lens from Inchkeith Scotland in 1955 the lighthouse above was built at Cape Spear to replace the the old one. It was built of concrete when it was constructed and stands 75 meters I believe above sea level and after consulting the Iceberg finder data, from that elevation you could see out to the horizon at 31.2249...kms. Not a bad vantage point for looking at icebergs. If only you were allowed up in the new light. During the war years from 1941-1945 there were big guns implanted into the red sandstone cliffs. Two to be exact that fired 600 lb shells and could reach 6 miles out to sea. They were part of a defense system to protect against German U-boats that patrolled the area lurking for convoys heading over to Europe. No guns were fired in defense of the bay it was protecting, but three soldiers died here during the period. Two in swimming accidents and one on board a military ship that ran smuck into the cliffs right below the lighthouse during a cold black night. The 103rd Coastal Defense Battery of the Royal Canadian Artillery were stationed at Cape Spear during this period.

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