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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Spirits or at least their meaning I will leave open to interpretation. Tempeatures may be low these past few weeks in St. John's (-6 to -21 C, with wind) but the spirits of some paddlers like Neville here seem to remain high. These guys have been practising rescues and rolling in some pretty less than ambiant conditions in the past few weeks. I would say they are and have prepared for cold water immersion and what it is like to do different tasks in those conditions. This was shot just after a re-entry and roll in minus 10C.
I know others are paddling in the cold and I respect that. I also know that they are most likely doing it safely, at least the ones whose blogs I visit are and that is what kayaking is all about to me. Getting out there when you can, doing it safe to be able to do it tomorrow and sharing it with friends or paddling pals that just seem to make the sport everything it truely is.
Sean, Clyde, Dean, Tony, Gerard, and Robert are helping making winter paddling another day on the water in this area, namely because they are doing it right. Sweet!


Michael said...

Wow, what a great photo, Stan. It's visually perfect!

Sean D said...

I'm sure Neville will be pleased to know that he is visually perfect - or at least a picture of him, anyway (hahaha).

Stan, thanks for the endorsement and approval of of our "cold water activiites" and how we conduct them. As you may guess, your opinion is highly valued. As you can see, we do take this quite serious (even if we're laughing and joking the whole time) and really want to be prepared for the cold and for any/all conditions.

That, plus any day on the water, cold or otherwise, is a great day!!!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Guys, Neville will appreciate