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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Point La Haye, Put-In

Put-ins' they are the greatest and not so greatest of spots in kayaking. We try to make them the easiest and sometimes they are just as scenic as your kayaking destination, after all they may be it. It is bonus when you can choose to do it that way. Sometimes they are that happy place where you all meet and know ahead of time that sometimes the gathering is as good as the journey. Sometimes they are miserable spots designed it seems to pi$# kayakers off, well not really, most times sea kayakers can choose pretty excellent sites because what started as as put-in may well be a take-out upon your return. So, having said that, it is wise not only to plan for what you are putting in to, but also what you will be taking out in. Long walks at a miscalculated low tide takeout is a real slug when your boat is loaded and you are tired after a trip. A couple options,carry boat with a friend, unload and then carry (this means lots of short trips),or haul the darn thing and you might not want to do this if you want to avoid hull mayhem. Best option plan as much for your takout as you put-in. :-)


Sean D said...


I recall Point La Haye as having a very steep beach and of all the times I've been there, the water's been turbulent! It's funny but my family is a bunch of sea dogs, i.e., we swim in all salt water conditions - Gooseberry Cove, New Melbourne, Northern Bay - but I have very few recollections of swimming in the waters off Point Le Haye. It always seems so open and "deep"


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I can understand that having been there, though I didn't swim there. I do remember a stiffening wind and some wind chop but once we rounded the headland we were fine and then the sun came out. Sweet paddle to Riverhead.